With a history in interior design, Tucho has now opened a gallery, aiming to share both his own designs and a collection gathered from eight years spent in China.

Stepping into the gallery takes one’s breath away. Most Chinese people even within half a lifetime never have the chance to see such a collection of Chinese antiques, located unexpectedly on the banks of the Suzhou Creek. The credit for this collection goes to Tucho's experience traveling in China. Here, the almost forgotten traditional Chinese technique of painted glass can be seen everywhere – from the mirrors on the wall to the furniture itself.

The European antiques in this Gallery come from Tucho's mother's antique store in Spain. In fact, Tucho's parents are also highly experienced antique collectors, who have spent over half a lifetime collecting, primarily from Italy.

Talking about the origins of this collection and what one can learn from it is no easy feat, but Tucho is able to hold forth endlessly on the subject. The pieces are all full of detail, with new facets and secrets emerging every day, turning the experience of dealing with them into a dialogue between man and object. According to Tucho, this is luxury.

Moreover, Tucho specially invited his mother to China to provide expert advice and service to customers interested in finding the perfect piece. Thus, if you were to buy antiques or artwork here, you would benefit from the expertise and assistance of this expert from Spain, who is able to advise on how to perfectly place the furniture or art in one's own home, without relegating it to the storeroom.



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