Canvas in the Eyes of Spanish Collectors

Looking around from Arthur’s motorcycle, Suzhou Creek lies peacefully on the left hand side; while there’s a unique space slicing through on the right hand side. I found a museum throughthe glass window – CHAI Living.

CHAI Living is more like a private museum with artistic and functional collections. The bed with magnificent decoration inspired by honeysuckle flower is rather attractive symbolises life and happiness.

Tucho, who is a passionate Spanish to arts and furniture, has a family tradition of collecting. He received education in the U.K., had a career as a lawyer and worked for Real Madrid once. In 2006, he suddenly realized that he wanted to do something more creative. Therefore, he “settled down” in Shanghai and created CHAI Living, where all the rooms are the creations of the team. The exhibits from CHAI Gallery often appear in various residences.

Tucho loves mandarin jackets; hence he hangs one on the wall in every residence. He makes the one in the Gallery out of old newspaper on the brilliant achievements of China aerospace. Tucho believes that these amazing reports symbolize the ambitions of this ancient nation.

The canvas in the Gallery is from Shanxi, where Tucho collected through traveling, originally used for shielding from sunshine and sand storm. There are pictures depicting traditional Chinese opera, folklores and model opera. Tucho found the simple and colorful beauty from the canvas, and decorated them as table, the cover of lamp and painting.

The General Manager, Mr. Figari said,

My experience is always linked with journey and adventure. I was born in a seaside town in Patagonia, Argentina, and have lived in the U.S., Switzerland, Columbia and Spain. I met the founder of CHAI Living, Mr. Tucho, in Spain, and we were so in sync that I decided to join his team in Shanghai.

My love for this job, and CHAI Living is the reason why I stay in Shanghai. I share the focus on people, innovation and quality with it. I am extremely busy everyday, but I sleep happily each night and wake up full of hope the next morning.

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